At CELF and Embedded Systems Conference this week

Mon, 14 Apr 2008 16:30:31 +0000
tech linux embedded celf photos

I'm in San Jose at the moment for both the CELF Embedded Linux Conference and the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC). (Which are conveniently scheduled at the same time, in different places!). I'm not quite sure how much of each I'll see. I'm primarily going to at CELF, but will probably end up playing some time as booth babe at the Open Kernel Labs stand at ESC.

Most importantly there will be beer at Gordon Biersch (San Jose) on Tuesday night from around 7pm. (Not Thursday night as I may have told people previously, of course if anyone wants to meet up on Thursday as well, that works too.)

I did manage to take a quick break from work yesterday and took advantage of the awesome weather in northern California to drive down to Big Sur along Highway 1. It was some pretty spectacular scenery. Hopefully I won't have a sprained ankle next time and will be able to do some hiking.

Big Sur

ESC seems to bring out some fun billboards, such as this one that I saw driving outside my hotel room today.

tightly couple and fully integrated 2008 Day 1

Mon, 28 Jan 2008 19:01:51 +0000
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After two weeks in California, I spent two days in Sydney, before flying down the sunny Melbourne yesterday for 2008.

Monday and Tuesday at are the miniconf days. The wide variety of topics on display make things a little difficult. I was back and forward between the embedded and virtualisation mini-confs.

I gave two presentations today, the first this morning was on how to port OKL4 to a new system-on-a-chip. The chip in question is the virtual Goldfish SoC, which forms the core of the emulated platform in Google's Android SDK.

The second presentation on a more high-level talk on why virtualisation is a useful technology not just for large data-centers and server applications, but also for embedded systems, such a mobile phone handsets.

Unfortunately because I was presenting, I didn't really have much time to focus on some of the other great presentations that went on today. With any luck I'll be able more attentively attend some talks tomorrow.

For those interested, the talks were filmed, so hopefully videos will be up online in the near future.